Edited papers
with the help of Gregory Owcarz

As you may have noticed I am not a native English speaker. Although I do my best to cope with the nuances of English, my writing may appear a bit strange at times. I cope with my limitations and strive to be as clear as I can, but no one is perfect. Unexpectedly an American academic who lives in France has taken this issue to heart and has edited a few of my papers. I don’t know how to express my gratitude for his interest and help. His name is Gregory Owcarz and he teaches Philosophy at Sciences Po in Paris and and at Syracuse University in Strasbourg and lucky for me he has previously taught English composition too. He did his doctoral research on panpsychism in Whitehead's metaphysics at Edinburgh University in Scotland under T.L.S. Sprigge and Stephen Priest, but he is carefully considering my mind-object identity theory at present and how it may relate to both ancient Eastern and contemporary Western studies in nonduality.

It is thus with greatest pleasure that I make available the edited versions of a selection of papers of mine thanks to Gregory’s help and good will.

Papers edited by Gregory Owcarz

- Manzotti, R., (2016). “ Experiences are objects: Towards a Mind-Object Identity Theory”, original version published in in Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e Psicologia, 7(1), pp. 16-36.