Manzotti R., (ed.) Situated Aesthetics. Art beyond the skin. Exeter (UK), Imprint Academic, 2011

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Amy Jone's review on Leonardo
Anna Li Vigni's review on Il Sole 24 Ore (18/9/2011) (in Italiano)

Manzotti R., Tagliasco, V. L'esperienza. Perché i neuroni non spiegano tutto. Codice edizioni. Milano, 2008

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Manzotti R., Chella A. (eds), Artificial Consciousness, Exeter (UK), Imprint Academic, 2007

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- A review

Manzotti R. Psicologia della percezione artistica. Milano, Arcipelago, 2006

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Manzotti R., Tagliasco V. Coscienza e realtà. Bologna, Il Mulino, 2001.

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Manzotti R. Intentional Robots. Genova, Lira-lab, 2000
My PhD thesis. In this thesis I develop a theory of the mind, which is called the Theory of The Enlarged Mind (TEM for short). Such a theory suggests to consider intentionality as the foundation of reality and to derive from it all other aspects (existence, representation, and being in relation with). The elementary principle of such a theory is called onphene.

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