The Spread Mind: A Mind-Object identity theory

Currently, it is often held that the mind is either secreted by the brain or identical to the properties of neural activity. So far, though, neuroscience has not been able to explain why and how the brain can produce consciousness. Therefore, I took into consideration a radical hypothesis:

One's conscious experience of an object is identical with the object one experiences.

In short, the mind is identical with the external worlds rather than with the brain. According to this view, consciousness is physical but not neural. This hypothesis is developed in the The Spread Mind.

For instance, when I look at a red apple, what is my consciousness of the red apple? According to the Spread Mind, it is the very red apple that is in front of my body. According to neuroscience, it is somewhat identical with the properties of the neural activity inside my brain. Which of the two hypotheses is closer to my experience of the apple? I bet the former.

Somewhat poetically,

The mind is like a rainbow.
The rainbow is outside of our body, but it is a piece of our mind.
Like a stream of water or a rainbow, the mind is physical but it is not neural.

Riccardo Manzotti, 19 May 2016